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Pre-questions for: Tandem Industry Academia 2024

Funded by the Finnish Research Impact Foundation, Tandem Industry Academia Postdoc (TIA Postdoc) intends to support joint research projects between academic and industrial partners and to promote mobility across the academia-business interface. The TIA funding model has been developed by FRIF with a view to encouraging ambitious precompetitive projects that further the aims of both leading-edge academic research and business and industry. This is the fourth round of TIA funding calls.

Funding will be awarded to the academic party, i.e. a university or governmental research institute, which in turn will employ the postdoc researcher. Tandem funding requires the active commitment and involvement of the industrial partner in defining the research question, in project execution and in shared supervision of the postdoc.

NB! Applications must be submitted by the project’s Principal Investigator (PI), a senior-level researcher supervising the funded postdoc at the academic host organization, or a delegate authorized by the PI.
NB! The academic host organization must be a Finnish university or governmental research institute.