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Terms of Use

Terms of service for the Foundation to Support Research Effectiveness application and processing system for grants (“the Service”): vaikuttavuussaatio.rimbert.fi

1. The Service is provided by the Foundation to Support Research Effectiveness (“the Service Provider”), VAT number 3000075-7, contact information: Mariankatu 5 A, FI-00170 Helsinki, petro.poutanen@vaikuttavuussaatio.fi

2. The Service is an electronic system for applications and management of grants. The Service is intended for grant applicants and recipients.

3. Using the Service, applicants can submit electronic grant applications and manage grants, for example when requisitioning and submitting statements of use of grants. The applicant is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of any information saved in the Service. The Service Provider does not verify the accuracy of information provided by the applicant, including the accuracy of application data.

4. The Service Provider is responsible for ensuring that the applications made through the Service have been received only once the Service has informed the user that all obligatory fields in the application have been filled in and the application has been submitted.

5. The user receives a personal user name and password for the Service and is responsible for any use of the Service with these, i.e. the user provides correct personal details and does not share the password or grant access to the user account to anyone else. Organisations can decide internally to have several users utilising the same user name, as long as the login information is handled securely to ensure that no third parties gain access to the user account. The contact person is responsible for the user name.

6. The Service Provider undertakes to protect any personal data saved in the Service in its capacity of data controller in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

7. The Service is principally available 24/7 all year round. However, the Service Provider is not responsible for disruptions in the Service or for obstacles or interruptions caused by these to usage of the Service. The Service Provider is entitled at any time to completely or partially terminate the Service or make changes according to the Service Provider’s wishes. The Service Provider is also entitled to immediately remove the user’s authorisation if the user violates these terms of service. In all other cases, the Service Provider should give reasonable notice of termination before cancelling services or authorisations.

8. For registered use of the Service, the user must accept these terms of service. The user accepts these terms of service in conjunction with registration. The Service Provider is entitled to amend these terms at any time, in which case the changes come into force when the user accepts them in conjunction with registering for the Service.

9. Disputes in relation to the use of the Service are settled in Helsinki District Court.

The Foundation to Support Research Effectiveness' Privacy Policy Statement contains more information about the data controller and the processing of personal data.